Accident Insurance

Accident Insurance

Accident Insurance pays cash benefits directly to you, regardless of any other coverage you have. It will help pay for the unexpected costs of an accidental injury by providing benefits for initial care, injuries, treatment, facility care and follow-up care.


Did you know, each year, about 3.5 million Emergency Room visits are from bone fractures? - Hospitality Health ER

The average charges for a fractured arm among 25 to 40 year olds is $7,600. - ASPE Office of Health Policy

Nearly 40% of Americans surveyed by Bankrate say they couldn’t cover a $1,000 emergency bill.

Spending per person on ER visits increased 51% from 2012 to 2019. - HealthCare Insider

Can you afford a broken bone or trip to the ER?^1000

Our affordable Accident Insurance helps cover these unexpected expenses. ^1500 Get a quote below.

Our affordable Accident Insurance helps cover these unexpected expenses. ^1500 Get a quote below.

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Typical Accident Claim Examples:
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The examples above are illustrative only. The benefits payable depend on the severity of your injury, the treatment you receive and the plan you selected. Policies have limitations and exclusions. Refer to your policy for details.

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Immediate Coverage

Your coverage becomes effective as soon as your initial eligibility requirements are met, you have authorized payment, and your application is signed.

Guaranteed Issue

No medical history is required for coverage to be issued.

Guaranteed Renewable

Your coverage cannot be canceled as long as your premiums are paid as due.

Full Portability Renewable

You can keep your coverage at the same cost if you change jobs or retire.

HSA Compatible

You can have this coverage even if you have a Health Savings Account

Convenient Premium Payment

There are no bills to watch for or checks to mail. Premiums are conveniently paid automatically from your financial institution, debit card, credit card or ACH.